Community Fridge Needs Volunteers

Guest Post by Dinah Murdoch

Greetings, Neighbours! 

Did you know that our neighbourhood is home to a community fridge? Indeed, it’s tucked in behind Cafe Pyrus Outpost at 150 Roger St. and it runs on a take-what-you-need and give-what-you-can philosophy. The fridge is accessible 24-7 both for donations and for those in need.

The 519 Community Collective operates the fridge and is looking for volunteers who would be willing to check in regularly on the fridge — give it a tidy and a wipe down, check the temperature, etc. Ideally, there would be several people to share the responsibilities — with many hands making light work. At the moment, one person is doing the check-ins several times a week and finding it too much. 

You Can Help

If this sounds like something you might like to pitch in with, visit to express interest in assisting with the Roger St Community Fridge through the Contact page

All neighbours are encouraged to donate to the fridge when they can!

Things to add to the Community Fridge:

– fresh fruit and veg

– condiments, sauces, baking supplies, spices

– sealed non-alcoholic drinks 

– packaged bread, buns, snacks or treats 

– canned food, pasta, rice

– small toiletries (sealed)

No-nos: alcohol, tobacco, dairy, meat, expired items, homemade food, or anything opened or partially used. 

From: 519 Community Collective FB Page

Who is The 519 Community Collective?

From the website:

“The 519 Community Collective is a volunteer organization, committed to ensuring that everyone has the food they need. We are a part of a larger network, working together with other organizations, food banks, emergency food hamper programs, etc. to distribute food to those in need in our community.”

Community ~ Food ~ Love


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