Growing Together

The planning review process that began with the Planning Around Rapid Transit Stations (PARTS) plans and was advanced through the Neighbourhood Planning Review (NPR) work is now being continued through the Growing Together project.

Growing Together builds upon the previous work done with the community while also responding to new direction from the province, implementing the updated Regional Official Plan, and addressing new and emerging City priorities. Growing Together was developed to implement the PARTS Plans and NPR work in a way that is compatible with these, and other, ongoing changes. Growing Together will focus on updating the land use, zoning and urban design guidelines in 7 of Kitchener’s 10 Major Transit Station Areas – those west of the expressway. This will enable and encourage responsible growth for many years to come.

The Province has introduced a number of changes to the Planning Act recently, through Bill 23 – all which will be need to be adopted by the City of Kitchener. A significant number of the changes are meant to increase density in Major Transit Station Areas (MTSA) – a significant portion of Mt. Hope is within the 800 metres from MTSA identified by the Province as areas for intensification. 

The City has set up a number of information sessions/workshops to explain how they will be adapting current zoning to address these Provincial changes.  I would encourage you to try and attend one of the “Growing Together” workshops as these changes will have a significant impact on Mt. Hope/Breithaupt. My personal recommendation is that you plan on attending the workshop on March 23rd – see below.

Growing Together Workshops

The focus of these workshops are to explore how growth and change are occurring along the ION system

If you live in midtown and are within 800 metres of an ION stop you probably received this invitation in the mail – this session is designed specifically for residents in the area. 

It is this THURSDAY, MARCH 23 AT THE KITCHENER LIBRARY – ROOM D – BEGINNING AT 6 PM.   This is a workshop so you should plan to be there at 6 pm.  

More information can be found at

The workshop will address land use planning/zoning, growth and change, housing, built form, sustainability and mobility along the ION.

General information/drop in sessions are also being held

  • March 25 –  7 am to 2 pm at the Kitchener Market
  • March 27 – 2 pm to 8 pm at Stanley Park Community Centre
  • March 30 – 2 pm to 8 pm at Forest Heights Library

City Wide Amendments

Provincial changes through Bill 109, Bill 23, Bill 23 – 3 units per lot, new zoning regulations, new parking lot regulations, legislative policy updates

 March 29th at 7 pm –  virtual zoom meeting and enter ID 899 5718 7595

To view other available community-wide workshops, visit our Engage Kitchener page to learn more:

Draft land use changes will be informed by these workshops and shared beginning in Summer 2023 as part of our engagement program. We look forward to conversations with the community throughout 2023.


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