Soupstock 2016 in photos

It’s the first time I’ve been available to attend Soupstock and I had visions of a chilly fall night and my hands wrapped around a piping hot mug of soup. But I won’t complain about the warm October night we just had. It likely helped to bring out more neighbours that might not have braved a cold fall night.

The giant neighbourhood chalkboard actually helped to bring out some new folks for Soupstock 2016.
I think we might need some more of these around the neighbourhood.
Soupstock… you get the idea. Bring a pot of soup, a mug & spoon, then sample your way through the tables! So delicious!
wood fired pizza oven
Felix & his daughter have the wood fired pizza oven stoked and turning out personal pizzas for the evening.
wood fired pizza oven
Pizza master at work.
soupstock 2016
Did you know that pizza cooks in 90 seconds at 660 degrees Fahrenheit?! It’s magic pizza!
soupstock 2016
The service is excellent at soupstock!
soupstock 2016
So many soups and stews to choose from!
soupstock 2016
Will these people ever stop eating?
The neighbourhood baking Queen. Undisputed.
The neighbourhood baking Queen. Undisputed.
soupstock 2016
The perfect warm October night to loiter on the street with your neighbours.

See you next year!


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