Need a rain barrel? REEP has you covered!

It’s been a perfectly rainy spring… perfect for harvesting lots of rain water for your gardens and flowers! If you need a rain barrel, order one (or 5!) through a fundraiser for KW AccessAbility in cooperation with REEP Green Solutions.

Three easy steps…

  1. Order your rain barrels online here: 
  2. Encourage your neighbours to do the same
  3. Pick up your new rain barrels in the parking lot at 91 Moore Ave, Kitchener on Saturday, June 24, 2017 between 9:00 AM & 12:00 PM

Rain barrels are $55 and all proceeds go to KWAccessibility. People in Mt Hope can also apply to get a $25 incentive after they’ve been installed.

And don’t forget about the RAIN workshops available as part of the RAIN Smart Neighbourhoods project!

If anyone is available to help out on the day of the sale, an hour or two, please let Patrick know. KWAccessAbility’s volunteers are in wheelchairs, so they are looking for someone to help with loading/unloading the barrels on the morning of Sat Jun 24th.

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