Make it Happen in the ‘Hood – Monday November 6

This event is for Midtown – Mount Hope neighbours who:

a) have an idea for something they would like to see happen in the neighbourhood in the next year

b)  want to get involved and help their neighbours make ideas come to life

save the date poster for neighbourhood planning event monday november 6 2017

How it works:

  • join us at McCabe’s, Downtown Kitchener for some appetizers
  • be ready to share an idea with the rest of your neighbours OR just come to listen to all the ideas
  • find others neighbours who might be interested in working together on a project – one you suggested or something else you hear about for the first time
  • get support from a group of neighbours who are there to help your group be successful

We’ve been hearing lots of ideas from neighbours already, but if you’re stuck… here are some thoughts that might churn out a brainstorm or two…

  • Earth Day trail clean up
  • Summer solstice party
  • Winter walking group
  • Street party
  • Kids running group
  • Cycling group
  • Simplicity Circle  –
  • Book club
  • Fruit trees around the neighbourhood
  • Another Pen Pal Project
  • Neighbourhood Map – documenting cool buildings, interesting things/spaces about the neighbourhood
  • A Jane’s Walk
  • Decorate a park at solstice with tree decorations & bunting flags
  • Garden Challenge with bi-weekly growing challenges for veggie, herbs and flowers
  • A Community art project
  • ……. the ideas are endless….!

We look forward to seeing you there. Got questions? Email: 

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