Let’s make community art together

In November 2017 when neighbours gathered for the “Make it happen in the ‘hood” event at McCabe’s, Gordon brought two colleagues of his with an idea for a neighbourhood art project. The project is picking up steam and artists Timothy & Denise (TIMEANDDESIRE), would like to meet some more neighbours, share the community art project idea and start brainstorming text/quotes for ‘community thoughts’ about the neighbourhood.

mock up of a thought bubble that would be put up around the neighbourhood

Drop in:

Saturday March 3, 2018

Library of Things (Resource Room)
91 Moore Ave (enter at the front door on Moore, from the sidewalk)
Anytime between 9am – 1:00pm

It’s also a great time to check out the Library of Things while you’re there – now open every Saturday 9am – 1pm.
Timothy & Denise have a little book to get you started as you wander around the neighbourhood. You can jot your feelings about your neighbourhood as they arise on your walks.

They are planning several more meetings to do this type of thing, however they are working on a grant to help fund the project so need some process to start. If the grant is successful, the completed project will be one of the installations for CAF+KA’18.

So please come by and chat with us at the Library of Things… pickup your Midtown: ‘Catch your quotes book’ Timothy and Denise have customized just for neighbours; lets brainstorm a bit too. They are keen to share some of their techniques for converting a good thought into a great quote in 3 simple steps.

Timothy & Denise look forward to meeting you! Bring your neighbours, bring your friends… bring your kids, bring your fur-kids ;)
If you have question, feel free to contact Timothy or Denise.

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