Midtown Art with TIMEANDDESIRE

At McCabe’s last week we had a presentation from St Marie φ Walker [www.stmariewalker.com] about the possibility for an interactive art piece that will be hosted in Midtown. Here’s what they have to say:

“We also have used the collective name TIMEANDDESIRE.

We are an Artist pair and a large portion of our practice has developed to be in the public sphere.

A number of projects have been made with community participation in mind. Meaning we create work that reflects an embedded quality of the community, like our walking signs…. or we need the community participation for the work to take flight… like Talk 2 Strangers.  Thus the work is not complete without the active engagement of people or the public environment.

We proposed to do a community art piece in your neighborhood for CAFKA 2018.

Some Examples of our work:

1.) By-pedal / Pedestrian Series: Walking and Biking signs embedding community members with a variety of text (2012)


2.) Talk 2 Strangers: Interactive Artwork

unnamed (1)

3.) Social Bank, The Value Investment Alliance: Interactive Artwork

unnamed (2)

For anyone who is interested in going ahead with this opportunity we could meet up and plan further! You can email us at contact@timeanddesire.com 
Or we can set up a meeting for those who are interested in the project via your neighbourhood group at the end of the month. It could be a more informal neighborhood chat over drinks about your interests in our art at McCabe’s! Let’s try for November 30th at 7:30pm.”

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