Help create a vision for the Electrohome building on Stanley Street

Join in your neighbours for a design charrette about the Electrohome building on Stanley Street. This session is hosted by City Planning & Community Engagement Staff, along with our Ward Councillor, Sarah Marsh.

Saturday April 28

9:30 – 12:30 pm @ Kitchener City Hall, 10th floor cafeteria

Email to register:

A design charrette is a creative brainstorming and planning session where residents participate in creating a vision for a building or space. In this case, the process will discuss the building itself, land use, neighbourhood compatibility and site features.  The agenda will include a presentation by City Staff followed by working group session to get creative. You should plan to attend for the whole morning.

As you may know, the building is up for tax sale by the City. The hope is that a vision for the building, created by the neighbourhood, would figure into the development plans by the future buyer.

Ted Parkinson has written extensively about the Stanley Street building over the past years. You can find his posts on the MHBP Neighbourhood Association website.


2 thoughts on “Help create a vision for the Electrohome building on Stanley Street

  1. Thanks for the link Juanita. I’ve been in contact with the city and unfortunately they refuse to enter the building to get a recent assessment of its structural viability. I believe this seriously diminishes the charrette’s effectiveness. However, I encourage everyone to sign up and show the city you are still interested.


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