We love our neighbourhood murals!

Each week, we’ll feature three of the fabulous murals created to grace the construction fencing at the corner of Duke & Shanley.

Shannondale Developments built the fence, as is required while the site is being developed. However, they went above & beyond to build a fence that would be the backdrop for a neighbourhood art project. Shannondale Developments also provided the 4×8 mural panels and the paint supplies needed to complete 20 works of art. Originally, the project was 10 panels, but a strong neighbourhood response quickly expanded the project to 20 murals. Thanks Shannondale! Thanks Neighbours!


Mosaic + Mural!

This nature piece was created by Sara Paine & Craig Girodat who live on Louisa Street. They came up with an enchanted forest theme where Craig did the tiling and Sara did the painting.

Peace, love + unity!

Cherie Simmons was one of the first to complete a panel and lives nearby on Shanley Street. She says:

“I decided to paint a rainbow with the words PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and JOY written in the clouds because with everything we have been enduring over the last few months, I felt the bright colours and idea of inclusion and acceptance would bring some much needed positivity to the neighbourhood.” 

Sunflowers + Bees

painted mural of giant sunflowers and bees

Artist: Anne Jenkins, Waterloo Street.

To me, this painting is the epitome of summer! Look at that bumbler diving for the sunflower… It also reminds us of the need to protect our most important pollinators!

Anne wanted to paint something that she would want to see everyday when she walked by.

In theory, the fence is up for 5 years so while my love of nature and the environment is very important in my life, I also wanted something cheerful, bright to walk by everyday. This image encapsulated all of these things

See you next week for three new features from the wall.

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