Music, Music, Music

This post is shared from the Mount Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association website – I hope to hear some music around the neighbourhood this Saturday!

Sadly, this year we did not have the Duke St. West Music Fest. So much live music was cancelled around the world. But there is still hope for our ‘hood. Saturday, August 29th is the official, world wide, “play music on the porch day“. We certainly have a few musicians in the Mt. Hope –…

Music, Music, Music — Mount Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association

4 thoughts on “Music, Music, Music

  1. I think this post is unfinished??? And I’m definitely letting my husband know about this. He would likely play his guitar on the front porch!


    1. Hi Natasha – If you click on the original MHBPNA post at the bottom, click on the title link, it will give you the full post. It’s a WordPress thing! But a good reminder that I can give that prompt in the text I added at the beginning.

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      1. Part of it is that I need to realize that you shared the blog post to this blog rather than copying and pasting the whole post. Thus, parts of it will be cut off. I am not as familiar with sharing blog posts as I am with reading and writing blog posts. Thank you!


      2. No problem! Every platform has its little quirks. Hope there was some music on your porch today!


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