Space, geometrics and a backyard view

Each week, we feature three of the fabulous murals that grace the construction fencing at the corner of Duke & Shanley.

That 60’s vibe

By Carolyn & Mike Laurie + family who live on Louisa Street.

I love the colours and the kaleidoscope fractures 💙

Space and beyond

By Brenda Reid and Brendan Lacy

Don’t they make space look like fun? Hopscotch and painting in zero gravity!

A view from the backyard

Painted by Dianne Crockard, Dekay Street

Artists have a long standing tradition of painting what they can see directly from their own surroundings, which is what Dianne captured from her backyard on Dekay Street.

About the project

Shannondale Developments built the fence, as is required while the site is being developed. However, they went above & beyond to build a fence that would be the backdrop for a neighbourhood art project. Shannondale Developments also provided the 4×8 mural panels and the paint supplies needed to complete 20 works of art. Originally, the project was 10 panels, but a strong neighbourhood response quickly expanded the project to 20 murals. Thanks Shannondale! Thanks Neighbours!

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