Art that inspires thought and reflection

Beyond being bright and colourful, the three featured works this week made me think and contemplate and remember. What responses have you had to these pieces?

“Allowed to grow old”

Artist April Hunter created this work, “Allowed to grow old.”

April says, “The inspiration for the panel was to get people thinking about the adorable faces behind their food.”

April has friends who live on Duke Street who will get to see her work every day!

Play me a song

Neighbours Dinah Murdoch (Dekay Street) and Suzanne Dietrich (Delisle Avenue) coordinated the painting logistics and child-wrangling to complete this piece – a never-ending effort!

The artists are Tristan Long and the Street Ratz, the self-named group of kids in this corner of the neighbourhood.

They were inspired by the history of Electrohome and the products they used to produce. The record player in the painting is based on an Electrohome design in an effort to pay tribute to the old building’s roots as a maker of phonographs, record players and television sets.

For the times

This work was designed and painted by two Kitchener Collegiate Institute students, Anastasia BoulangerĀ  and Adrianna Mcquillan, together with their teacher, Stella Andonoff. Both Anastasia & Adrianna are entering Grade 11 this year. They will also contribute to a mural at Central Fresh Market this fall!

 When asked what inspired this work, they said:

“The piece is inspired by Norval Morrisseau’s style of dark lines that speak to the energy that connects a community.  Each bird represents a social and political movement that is important to us during this time.” 


Posting these three works together, I notice they are so very different, but their colour palettes are actually quite similar which makes them work well together in a collection! Nice curation.

Back next week with three more features!

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