What inspires us to create art?

Strong women

Artisit Jenn Weatherall normally works in chalk and pastels for her professional art practice. However, this is the first time she worked with paint, which I find hard to believe! I guess art training and study is transferable across various materials!

When I asked Jenn what inspired this painting, she said,

“It’s important to put a light on individuals within our communities who are claiming leadership roles during this time of change. I admire both Selam Debs and Carla Beharry; strong women working towards equality, and social justice and I wanted to represent them as such.”

Mission accomplished, Jenn. I recognized these two women immediately as soon as I saw the mural and I feel the same degree of respect for their work in the community.

Jenn lives on Roslin Ave North with friends who lives in the neighbourhood.

Random and intentional

Random and intentional… I love how created art embodies the personalities and tendencies of the artist. 💙

If you know Kate Pearce, who created this piece, you’ll know she has some pretty intentional goals in life, but completely open to the sometimes random ways they get accomplished.

“Most of the lines were added free hand but there is a pattern inside,” she says. “I typically use whatever paint or materials are available. For this piece I was able to choose a set of colours from the paint remnants of the other projects.”

Just like Kate, use what’s on hand, get creative, adapt along the way and see what comes out the other side!

Kate Pearce and her family live on St. Leger St and they are often seen on their bicycles around town!

Grow me a garden

This mural was painted by the youngest artist in the project.

Jon has drawn a lot of flowers in his early and young art exploration. He was seven years old this summer when he painted this mural with his mom, Naomi.

The subject for the mural came from Jon’s frequent drawings of flowers and flower gardens. Naomi says he learned a few important art lessons while painting this mural.

  • he discovered how to create space between the flowers to make them more distinct
  • he also explored different petal shapes
  • he and his mom talked about atmospheric perspective and tried to make the sky darker toward the top of the mural, just like a real sky

Both Naomi & Jon describe this as a “one-of-a-kind and meaningful opportunity!!!” They live on Pinewood Place.

Also, today, Saturday, September 12th is Jon’s 8th birthday! HaPpY BiRtHdAy JoN!!!

Jon painting his summer garden mural for the Midtown KW neighbourhood art project
Jon in the middle of painting, literally!

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