Mount Hope Tree Tour

Have you ever wondered about the trees in our Mount Hope neighbourhood? Trees increase community wellbeing and help us tackle the effects of climate change. With a little care, our urban forest will be around for generations to enjoy.

Take a walk in your Kitchener neighbourhood on Tuesday October 13 with forestry staff to learn about:

  • Tree canopy cover in your neighourhood
  • Benefits of trees
  • Interesting facts about trees
  • The challenges of growing trees in urban areas
  • How to care for your local trees

Our friends at Reep Green Solutions are hosting a physically-distanced tree tour of the Mount Hope neighbourhood on Tuesday October 13.

There will be space for a maximum of 15 participants to join us on this scenic, interactive workshop. Staff would like you to have the first chance to register as residents of Mount Hope.

Find out more at this link or feel free to reach out to Patrick Gilbride if you have any questions. The event will remain private to those who have the link, so please refrain from sharing with anyone outside the neighbourhood, for now.

More about neighbourhood trees from a City of Kitchener map

This is a pretty cool resource about Kitchener’s Urban Forest put together by City of Kitchener staff. A background document and various maps are the starting point while the city works to “develop an urban forest strategy and sustainable urban forest program.”

Edited Sept. 25 to add last paragraph re: Urban Forest Map

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