Public Meeting for 134-152 Shanley Street via Zoom

Happy new year neighbours! It’s been a while since we posted much of anything, but there will be lots of developments in & around the neighbourhood to keep us busy again in 2022.

Staff will be bringing forward a recommendation on the 134-152 Shanley Street development to the February 7th Planning & Strategic Initiatives Committee meeting.

The staff report will be available 10 days in advance of the meeting, so, on/about Thursday January 27. To view the staff report, agenda, find meeting details or to appear as a delegation, visit:

How to appear as a delegate

You can register to appear as a delegate by signing up online:

How to attend the online Zoom meeting

About 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin (around 6:50 pm) go to the City of Kitchener’s website.  Search “Watch a Meeting” or go here.  A list of meetings will appear. 

Click on the meeting and you will be connected to the zoom call.  You will be anonymous on the call and will simply be an observer unless you have registered as a delegate. If you have registered as a delegate you will be provided with specific instructions as to how you will be connected to the meeting.

PS: the re-zoning application for 660 Belmont (not in our neighbourhood) is also on the agenda.

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